We introduce you to local artists based on the music you already enjoy.

We'll be launching in Spring 2016 in Ithaca, NY.
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Discover Local Music

You pick an artist, song, genre, mood, instrument or any other tag to start a station.

We'll play a blend of music by well-known artists you enjoy and introduce you to the local artists you haven't discovered yet.

Find Local Shows

Attend local shows, recommended based on the music you like.

Create Immersive Stations

Control popularity
Limit repeats
Pick a tempo
Make it danceable
Use multiple seed artists, tracks, and tags
+ Edit your likes and dislikes

Your ideal radio station

About Us

Ad-free. Non-Profit. Community-Driven.

Our primary goal is to promote the work of local artists by contextualizing their music with songs by more well-known artists.

Another goal of ours is to provide users with the most amazing music listening experience in the world. This is done by giving our users more control over their experience by providing novel interactive design features. We also utilize the data we collect from our users to feedback into our intelligent playlist algorithms.

Right now, we are focused on the community in Ithaca, NY but we have plans to launch MegsRadio in other locations with active local music scenes.

To learn more about the philosophy behind MegsRadio, check out our TEDx Talk.

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